How to read and post to the Comp.Arch.FPGA NEWS Group

Standard how-to on reading and posting to comp.arch.fpga (Updated 11/04/2008)

The purpose of     (this site) is to be a repository for information from the
news group    comp.arch.fpga     The archive contains ALL the articles from this news group since it started.
The comp.arch.fpga news group has several hundred readers/participants.
comp.arch.fpga is a NEWS group, not an email address or a mail list.
Access to all usenet news groups (there are over 90000 different topics/groups) is a self-subscription system. You access it your self, no one adds or deletes you (which is how mail lists work).
You can read about USENET here but it is very technical. You don't need to understand this technical detail to use it.
The method to access any newsgorup depends on how you have access to the internet.
If you currently can read news (by this I mean the day to day activity, not the archive at this site, ) , then whatever program you are using should also have a posting capability. ("posting" is how you send a message to a news group for everyone else to read)
If you don't have news access, then the way to do it is different for every site.
Most companies have a sys-admin or IT department, and they should be able to set you up.
You might also want to start here:
You can get to it via several web sites. Obviously, you found mine, which is primarilly an archive, updated once a month, so not useful for day-to-day activity.
You can get news service by contacting several companies (paid access), such as

Giganews Newsgroups
Or try this:
Here are some other useful links
Although this link is for a DSP news group, it has great advice on how to post